Aline Vida @ Daphne Parker Powell w/ Aline & Wes + Taryn Hadfield

Daphne Parker Powell w/ Aline & Wes + Taryn Hadfield, Seattle, WA

Daphne Parker Powell - Her singular Americana mélange includes a broad array of contemporary and classic inspirations that spans folk, country, vocal jazz, indie rock, and cinematic pop. Her words are pulled from an expansive well of literature and lyrical influences, from laissez-faire poets, satirists, and the Beats, to Feminists, and modern philosophers.

Her 2022 release 'The Starter Wife' garnered international critical acclaim including Best Releases on NPR's All Songs Considered

Aline & Wes
Aline & Wes, a Seattle-based music duo, have gained recognition on prominent radio stations such as KEXP, KBCS, KBFG, and KISW. Their unique blend of folk, indie, and alternative influences creates a captivating and emotionally resonant sound. With heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, they continue to leave a lasting impression on the music scene in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Taryn Hadfield
Singer/Songwriter Taryn Hadfield represents a sound that is equal parts folk, rock-n-roll, and acoustic pop. Drawing from influences like Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver, Simple Minds, Tears for Fears and even Blink 182, Hadfield combines the energy of Stevie Nicks, the lyrical honesty of Joni Mitchell, and the unassuming vibe of Dar Williams.

Taryn Hadfield’s "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" tells the story of an unapologetic, strong and determined young woman who's over being afraid of taking risks. One of the first musicians to take her talents to the online streaming platform Twitch, Taryn's weekly performances have cultivated a vast and loyal fan base of listeners from around the globe who've fallen in love with her highly dynamic, intensely emotional and disarmingly honest songs.

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For her second book, Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo tried to write nonfiction about the 2017 coup of Robert Mugabe—what came out instead was the Booker Prize-nominated novel Glory, a bombastic satire in the riotous spirit of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Buckle up.

“By aiming the long, piercing gaze of this metaphor at the aftereffects of European imperialism in Africa, Bulawayo is really out-Orwelling Orwell. This is a satire with sharper teeth, angrier, and also very, very funny.” – New York Times Book Review

Check it out at Seattle Public Library. Please consider buying your Bushwick choices with their local bookstore partner, Third Place Books.

Lineup: Salome MC, Naomi Adele Smith, Aline and Wes, Peter Donovan, Gretchen Lemon, Brittany Danielle, Amy Laybourn, Abby K, Wes Weddell

Heads up: with its target on political corruption and hypocrisies, this novel features plenty of toxic masculinity and power run amok.