When you listen to the fluttering, full voice of Northwest-based songwriter, Aline Vida, you understand for the first time again the sound of ripened music plucked and pressed for you in the fresh, new moment. The singer, who has traveled the world and played some of its most hallowed rooms, mixes with many sonic ingredients: from the wood-chirped acoustic to the triumphant operatic to the fantastic rock ‘n’ roll.


Born in California, Vida graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. She traveled to Sweden next, to practice her craft, before heading back to the Big Apple to perform often in showrooms like B.B. King’s Blues Club in Times Square and the famed Harlem jazz club, Lenox Lounge. In 2014 she appeared on KSER near her current hometown, Seattle, WA, for a live on-air performance. In 2015 the Emmy-nominated series, Justified, featured her song, “Secrets and Lies,” in an episode. 


But accomplishments like these, for Vida, are pieces of the temporary. Music, however, is the realm of the timeless. And that is why she is a full participant in its magic.Lately, she's played all over the Emerald City. With a rich voice like a bow across silver cello strings, Vida can remind you of many styles, from Cher to Amy Winehouse and Etta James to Reba McEntire. Yet, with all of these options in tow, Vida's is an original recipe. 

Aline is part of the popular duo, Aline & Wes.  For more information about this duo, visit www.alineandwes.com 


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Photo by Jamison A. Johnson